How do you record video from the television and transport it to your computer?

Answer Well there is hardware that you can buy, but I just find it easier to use a camcorder and a Editing Software,i.e., Windows Movie maker or iMovie.If you have a digital camcorder it should have an a/... Read More »

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Does anyone know a way to transport video from a Sony DCR-TRV230 onto a computer?

I looked up that model camcorder, and it should have a Firewire (IEEE 1394) interface. And, I also looked up that model laptop to find that it should have a Firewire port on it as well. Looks like ... Read More »

I just bought a JVC GR-D770U that uses mini-dv to record video. How do I upload the video to my computer?

I had this same problem. You know how it has nothing to upload to the computer? Yea, it's because you can NOT upload to the computer. I borrowed my Grandpa's JVC camera and I was doing alot of fun ... Read More »

How to record a video from VCR to computer?

First, set up your video capture hardware by plugging in the USB 2.0 cable to the device and connecting it to the port on your PC. Power on the capture device by plugging it into an electrical outl... Read More »

How to Record Video on a Computer?

You can use a computer installed with a video capture card and recording software to capture content such as television programming or home videos taken with a camcorder. If the computer does not a... Read More »