How do you reconnect headphone wire to the speakers?

Answer No because Androids are stupid.

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Your desktop monitor has in-built speakers When you put in the headphone sound comes from both the headphone and the speakers How do you stop the sound from the speakers with headphone jack attached?

Answer headphones and speakers work Mine will do this if the headphone jack is not completely seated in the plug. Just give a little push and see if it goes on in any further, you may feel or hear ... Read More »

How can you run speakers snd headphones at a timei want to hear the voice from speakers as well as headphone at a time?

Yes, you can use normal headphones with an electronic drum kit. All you have to do is locate the headphone output on the electronic drum module, also known as the brain and plug in the headphones. ... Read More »

Can you make computer speakers from splicing speakers and a headphone plug?

No, splicing the cord wil ruin the jack and cabling. Not a good idea. Soory

How to Cut & Reconnect Cable TV Coaxial Wire?

Learning how to work with coaxial, or coax, cable wire is a handy skill to learn because it allows you to install cable in your house without having to pay the cable company to come out and do it f... Read More »