How do you receive (or feel) energy from another person?

Answer of course you can feel other peoples energy. no two energies are the same. sometimes a person can leave you feeling drained, or even rejuvenated. Each of us has a vibration that vibrates to a Freq... Read More »

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What month does the earth receive the greatest amount of solar energy?

The earth receives the greatest amount of solar energy in January. This happens because the orbit of the Earth puts it at its closest to the sun at this time. The earth actually only receives a sma... Read More »

In what month does earth receive the greatest average amount of solar energy?

The Earth orbits the sun in the shape of an ellipse. The earth is closest to the sun during the month of January, and therefore receives the most radiation. The oceans regulate and maintain an aver... Read More »

Why do i feel so low on energy?

Try eating things that contain vitamin B which give you energy.

I often feel very tired and with no energy?

This is a very serious symptom. It could range from ME right up to some of the early stages of cancer. It's difficult to know what's wrong with you without having a series of tests done, but you re... Read More »