How do you really feel about Youtube...?

Answer I have a real love/hate relationship with Youtube. I would miss it because then my wonderful playlists would be gone, and also I'll miss looking at clips of my favorite movies and TV shows. But I h... Read More »

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I feel really really guilty about me getting my iPhone after my htc evo shift stoppedPlease no mean answers ..?

It's good. It means you understand and appreciate what your parents did for you. A lot of kids with parents thay buy them iphones and other expensive things are spoiled and act like it is owed to t... Read More »

I feel hopeless about my videos on YouTube :(?

After having the [URL=] youtube views[/URL], I also fell lots of hopeless. You have to watch those videos which gives motivation to you. You can watch great football m... Read More »

How do y'all across the pond really feel about Amy Winehouse?

I don't feel anything. Another talent gone to waste by poor managment, drugs and media.

Should I really feel this awkward about being tall ? happy you are tall ...... You have alot of options ....And if I was to see you , no I wouldn't think your height was weird .....Do you like playing sports ....maybe basketball ? Just be ha... Read More »