How do you quickly stop the pain of an "ice-cream headache"?

Answer How to Stop Brain FreezeNothing ruins the refreshing consumption of a cold substance on a hot day like a painful brain freeze, also know as an ice cream headache and medically as Spheno Palatine Ga... Read More »

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How come the pain pills....Vicodin....that I take for my leg pain doesn't take away a headache?

it could be the pills causing the headache to begin with, stop taking it and see if it goes away.

Severe dental pain causing ear pain and headache how do i get rid?

Hi there, Very sorry to hear about your bad toothache (you know it is really bad when your ear starts aching too.) Anyways, I did some research on where you can find cheap affordable dentists for e... Read More »

Im crying so much ear pain and headache help please?

i have sharp pain in my ear at times too so i know exactly how much it can hurt!. i took a dish towel, wet it then ring it out, fold it up, an toss it in the microwave for a minute a... Read More »

How can I get rid of my headache without taking pain killer?

if you havent been drinking water recently it could be a dehydration headache. get some water.if you have been, thenget some coke or pepsi. caffeine will help dilate the blood vessels in your head.