How do you quick program a Motorola irc451 please i need to know?

Answer Press and hold the device you want to program, tv,dvd,etc...until all the lights flash, then press the up arrow above the enter button. the light of the device you are trying to program should be o... Read More »

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How to Program a Dedicated Voicemail to the Motorola Q9?

One of the convenient features of your Motorola Q CDMA smartphone is a dedicated voicemail service. Like other Windows Mobile devices on the Verizon wireless network, your device receives a voicema... Read More »

How to Program a New Motorola Cell Phone?

How to program most Motorola cell phones made within the past 7 years.

How to Program a Motorola Hands Free Bluetooth H700?

A Bluetooth headset is seen as a safety and a convenience measure when you are using it with your cell phone. While driving in your car, you keep yourself and others safe because you are not needin... Read More »

Quick help with easy C program?

> int max=-1;You are reading signed ints, so why not set it to INT_MIN?> printf("Enter any set of numbers: ");It would be wise to call ``fflush(stdout)'' since most systems will make stdout line bu... Read More »