How do you quick program a Motorola irc451 please i need to know?

Answer Press and hold the device you want to program, tv,dvd,etc...until all the lights flash, then press the up arrow above the enter button. the light of the device you are trying to program should be o... Read More »

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Need a answers quick please........?

OK... is there a storm brewing??? Hull... that in Iowa??We have chance of storms tonight!!carla

Ear help please need quick?

You probably have an ear infection. I'd go to the doctor.

I need help with tumblr please quick!?

you can do a couple of things:1. refresh the page2. log out and log back in3. close all internet windows and open them again4. restart your computer5. do a virus sweep of your computer (like Norton... Read More »

I need to know. 15 year old girl...pregnant please please help me.?

Well, first off, don't make the same mistake of a possible pregnancy. To your problem: I know how you feel. It's pretty scary when you like someone so much but don't know how to tell them. It d... Read More »