How do you put your iPod into disk mode?

Answer if you by disk mode how to get songs from disk to library just put the disk in the computer and it will start automaticly

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How to Put an iPod Into Disk Mode?

When troubleshooting an issue with your iPod, it's sometimes helpful to manually put it into Disk Mode.

How to Turn the Disk Mode of Your iPod?

The iPod is a well-known portable media-storing device created by Apple. If the iPod freezes or is not working properly, you'll have to manually put the device into disk mode. You can do this easil... Read More »

My ipod shows disk mode HOW DO I GET OUT OF IT!!!!!?

When You Plug your Ipod in and it shows it on Itunes. Click on the tab that shows your Ipod, that will bring you up to settings and when your in settings turn Enable Disk use off that should work

How to Disable iPod Disk Mode?

Putting your iPod into "Disk Mode" can allow you to troubleshoot the player and fix any problems you're experiencing with the iPod. In order to begin using the iPod as you normally would, you will ... Read More »