How do you put video on an iPod Nano?

Answer Answerits same as images. but make sure u download an mp4 format video if dats not ofered by the site, u may download the converter software which is free on net. and then save it on the PC and tra... Read More »

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Can you trade in the ipod nano 8g 4th generation for the new ipod nano with video?

Cant delete video off of new ipod nano with video camera?

To delete a video from the nano, just select it in the date screen and press and hold the Center button. A drop-down menu appears offering Delete All, Delete, and Cancel options.

Whats better an ipod video, or a ipod nano?

The nano is better because although it doesn't support video format, you can download a different firmware for it on the internet that makes it able to play videos.

What is the difference between iPod Nano and iPod video?

Answer The difference in the iPod Nano is it holds less content. It also has a smaller screen. I would suggest the iPod classic (the new version of iPod videos) if you are wanting to buy an iPod. ... Read More »