How do you put songs you already have on iTunes to your ipod nano?

Answer Answerplug your iPod nano in....itunes will detect it and aslong as you have autoupdate on then it'll put all your songs on the iPod, if auto update isn't on then simply drag and drop from itunes t... Read More »

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How to Get Songs from iTunes to an iPod Nano?

Having trouble getting songs onto your iPod from the iTunes store? This will show you how to put songs on your iPod if you are using a PC.

How do you download songs from iTunes to your iPod nano?

1. Install iTunes if you don't have it already. ( 2. Plug your iPod into your computer using the included cord and open iTunes. 3. Click on "iTunes Store" and then search for the song... Read More »

How to Transfer Songs to iPod Nano Without iTunes?

Apple designed its iPod Nano line of personal music players to work best with Apple's native iTunes software, but you can use other alternatives to transfer music. Many third-party software program... Read More »

Most of my iTunes songs somehow disappeared from my iPod can I fix this?

it is possible you didnt eject your ipod properly. make sure you dont just unplug it, but eject it first then wait till it says its disconnected. that happened to me when i first got my nano, it lo... Read More »