How do you put songs into an iPod Touch?

Answer Install iTunes ( your iPod into its cable and connect it to a USB port on your computerRun iTunesAdd songs to your iTunes library, and drag them to the iPod icon in the lef... Read More »

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How to Get Songs Off My iPod Touch?

Songs can be added onto an iPod Touch via the iTunes software found on your computer. These files can also be downloaded directly onto the iPod Touch using the iTunes application found on the devic... Read More »

How do i delete songs off my ipod touch?

Delete them iTunes, then allow the iPod to update to the changes you've made in iTunes.In iTunes: right-click the songs you would like to delete and choose Delete from the menu.

How to Sync Songs on a iPod Touch?

The iTunes software is the default media manager for the iPod Touch, as it arranges your content into specific categories and easily synchronizes your content when your iPod Touch is connected to y... Read More »

How many songs can a 32 gig iPod touch hold?

The 32GB iPod touch can hold approximately 7,000 songs, according to the Apple website. That number can fluctuate, however, based on a number of factors, namely song length and song recording quali... Read More »