How do you put songs from a CD into an i Phone?

Answer Well, u pop in the cd in a computer (and it has to have itunes) click on "computer" and right-click on the cd name and click somethin with itunes on it (sync,transfer, or download) then click on ip... Read More »

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How many songs is 256 mb on a phone?

Approximately 73 songs, assuming each song is 3.5MB in size.

How can you delete the songs from i phone 4 G?

How do you add songs to your phone from frost wire?

I need songs to put on my phone, house or hiphop?

House music - pornstep by dodge ( don't listen to this with family around.. Lol )Fire hive - knife partyFire hive ( krewella remix ) Come and get it , play hard, killin it, feel me, cant control, a... Read More »