How do you put songs back in alphabetical order on limewire?

Answer Along the top bar, you should be able to click the "name" label to have them sorted by name.

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How do I arrange songs in alphabetical order on Windows Media Player 10?

Open Windows Media Player. Click on "Library".Click on the "Organize" tab on the top left side of the screen. Scroll down to "Sort By" and click on "Title".Source:Windows Media Player library: freq... Read More »

Do you have to be a member of iTunes in order to get LimeWire songs onto your iPod?

AnswerYes, you have to have a working version of itunes on your computer and the ipod software. Set your computer so that itunes on limewire automaticly go to limewire.

Why Is A Keyboard Not In Alphabetical Order?

In 1875, Christopher Sholes with assistance from Amos Densmore rearranged the typewriter keyboard so that the commonest letters were not so close together and the type bars would come from opposi... Read More »

Why are keyboards not in alphabetical order?

When typewriters were first used, the typists were able to type faster than the arms holding the letters could swing up and down. As a result, typewriters kept jamming. So the keys were actually re... Read More »