How do you put pictures on your computer from your camera?

Answer F.Y.I.- This is for Windows only not Mac. Short way: Plug in the camera. If a window pops up then click download and wallah. If this doesnt work then use the long way. Long way: First, plug t... Read More »

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How do you transfer pictures from your computer to your camera they were from the camera.?

AnswerMake a file backup folder on your computer and copy all those photos to it and call it a by new name.Now delete the bad or poor pixs from the orignal photo file . Select the pictues remaining... Read More »

How do you put pictures from your digital camera onto your computer?

Either hook the camera up to the computer via a USB plug, or you need to get a card reader, hook it up to the computer, take the card from the camera (if it has one) and then download the pictures.

How do you get pictures from your film camera to your computer?

Can you copy pictures from your computer to your camera?

yes. open a window for the pictures you want to copy. then open another window (under My Computer) with the files for the SD card on the camera. simply copy and paste the ones you want to transfer.... Read More »