How do you put photograph pictures on a computer if you dont have a scanner?

Answer You could go to a local Kinkos or similar place and rent a computer with a scanner. They're not too expensive by the hour.You might call your local library and see if they have a scanner available... Read More »

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How do you put pictures on the computer without a scanner or a camera?

Take your pictures and stick them in the CD drive and then close the CD drive. The computer will know how to read the pictures.

I have a mutek 1200 ub scanner i have installed it but i dont know how to start using it can anyone help me?

Open the flap and it should come on all by itself. If not, find it in the program menu and run it from there.

I would like to copy old pictures using my scanner on my computer but straight to a disk?

Can't *send* anything to disc without burning the files from a folder. However you can scan and save items directly to a usb stick

Can someone help me i want to attach a scanner to my laptop but i dont have the disk what can i do?

You can download the drivers direct from the canon website.