How do you put password in your file folders in your computer?

Answer Adding password to a compressed file or folder.Right click on the file or folder, choose send to compressed file.Double click on the compressed file to open.On the menu bar click on File and then "... Read More »

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How do you reset your restrictions password on your iPhone WITHOUT a computer?

With some technical equipment, you can short a connection on the motherboard and it will reset everything to default states. At least, that is true for every computer motherboard I've examined. I... Read More »

How do I change computer file folders?

Select a folder by clicking on it. You can hit delete, and the file will be removed. If you right click on the folder, you can choose “copy.” Right click somewhere else and choose “paste” t... Read More »

How to Change Your Yahoo Avatar Into a File on Your Computer?

This will show you how to change your yahoo avatar into a file on your computer.

How to find your computer Wi-fi password.?

When your laptop is connected to the wifi, type the routers ip address. To find your routers ip address, go to command prompt, type ipconfig, and it will be displayed as default gateway.So type it ... Read More »