How do you put parental block with safari on windows?

Answer The generation gap The generation gap is a very common social phenomenon,which is the diffence and misunderstanding between generations. Why is there a gap between generations?First of all,the el... Read More »

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How do I block a website on Safari?

If you’re a parent of young children or a business owner, you may want to make certain websites unavailable to those who use your computer. It’s simple to block Safari from accessing a website.... Read More »

How to Block a Website in Safari?

The internet can be a fun and useful tool, but it also contains a lot of websites that might give you viruses, scams, or just are plain inappropriate. Here is how to block certain websites on the i... Read More »

How do I block kids from websites with Safari?

Account SetupCreate a separate account for your child on your Mac to control which websites your children can visit using Apple's native Safari browser: Navigate to System Preferences (on your Dock... Read More »

How to block those ANNOYING roll-over ads in Yahoo (Safari)?

The Safari Adblock software hasn't been updated in a year and reports are that it doesn't work reliably. Switching browsers to Firefox with Adblock Plus is an option.Yahoo's advertisers should wise... Read More »