How do you put new message alert sounds on your iPhone?

Answer i have a blackberry and i love it but i would like an iPhone eventually i think both phones are as good as each other. People have different opinions on different things but i think you can get mor... Read More »

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How do you get new alert sounds for iphone?

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Can you change your text message alert on an lg optimus GT540 to a custom text message alert?

You need to download an app to allow you to change it.Go to the android market and download and install a ringtone program, i use 'Rings Extended'. Once this is complete, go to Settings > Sound and... Read More »

How do I add alert sounds to a Mac OS X Leopard?

Library SoundsOpen a "Finder" window and navigate to the "~/Library/Sounds" folder. Copy the sound you want to add from its location on the computer into the "Sounds" folder. The file must be in .A... Read More »

How to Have Two Different Alert Sounds for Your Texting & Voicemail on the Pantech Impact?

When text message and voicemail tones sound the same, you can't tell what type of message is coming in without looking at your phone. To resolve this, makers of the Pantech Impact included a differ... Read More »