How do you play music from your iPod on the XBOX 360?

Answer To play your iTunes music on your Xbox 360. First you must have a white USB cord. Plug that into USB slots on your Xbox. To play the music, you go to the media page from the Xbox 360 guide. Click o... Read More »

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How do you download youtube music to your iPod or iPad music library from? < That site takes the video from Youtube and converts it into mp3. Then you can put it in iTunes and transfer them into your iDevice :)

How do you copy iPod music on to your itunes from a friend's iPod?

AnswerYou cant you have to have them either email you songs from their itunes or burn you a CD from their itunes and then you can load it onto your itunes\ipodSuper easy way to get your hands on yo... Read More »

To put music on your Ipod mini 1st generation do need to buy from Itunes or can you use music you have somewhere else for free?

Answer yes you can but u need to import your music to ur itunes. so if u have windows media player or something else you make a file of all the music u want on ur itunes/ipod and then drag or copy ... Read More »

How to Take Music From Your Computer and Put It on Your Xbox 360?

If your like me, you probably love music, and playing Xbox games. Putting your music on an Xbox 360 is very easy if you follow a simple steps.