How do you put music ipod nano third generation?

Answer Well first put in your movie. Then go to itunes. And when the movie pops up just drag its little butt over. :)

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Why was the ipod nano third generation invented?

Answer I heard that apple found adefect known to cause alot of house hold fires and took it off the market.( remember this is only a rumor)

How to Make an iPod Nano Third Generation Case out of a Gum Pack?

Here's how to make an iPod Nano 3rd Generation case out of a 5 gum pack.

Do you need a special USB cord for the third generation iPod Nano?

You need the standard Apple dock connector to USB cable that comes with every Apple iPod product for the third generation iPod Nano. This cable connects Apple iPods and iPhones to any standard comp... Read More »

How much does the third generation ipod nano cost?

The third generation iPod Nano costs approximately $70 to 80 in used condition, as of 2010. Apple no longer manufactures the third generation Nano. As a result, supplies of unopened units are dwind... Read More »