How do you put music into your psp?

Answer here are the steps you'll need to go through to get your music to download successful from your Windows PC to your new Sony PSP unit: 1. Connect the PSP to your PC with any USB cable. 2. Use the D-... Read More »

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How can you put songs from your iTunes into your friends iPod with erasing their music?

Answer Once you've connected your iPod to the computer click on your iPods name on the left hand side. A picture of an iPod should show up and a the selected tab at the top should say 'Summary'. At... Read More »

How to Integrate Music Into Your Day?

is that...the macarena?It's undeniable that there is a rhythm to your day. Your day also has a mood, or tone, and music can have a subtle or profound effect here, and shouldn't be an unconscious de... Read More »

How do you put music into your iPod Shuffle?

It holds songs and is mostly used for running, exercising. Very useful. I have one for sale. I want $30.00 on craigslist. With charger. Holds about 150 songs.

Tips on Making Your PC Into a Music Computer?

Computers make the process of making music significantly easier. Analog equipment is costly, and finding the right kind can be a daunting task. These days, many artists use computers to fine-tune t... Read More »