How do you put mp3s on to an ipod?

Answer Answer download your MP3's to windows media player, and from there download it to your itunes. There you have to download it to your iPod...

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How can you get the MP3s in your iPod back to your laptop they are in the iPod format?

You can "rip" music off any iPod. There are several commercial applications that make this task very easy. There are also many free methods. Super easy way to get your hands on your ipod songs:open... Read More »

How to Download MP3s to the iPod Touch?

When you download music from the iTunes Store, the files you purchase are protected AAC files. While having the iTunes Store at the touch of a finger is convenient for iPod Touch owners, if you wer... Read More »

Can an iPod play MP3s& WMAs?

The iPod is capable of playing MP3s but not WMAs. The iPod supports MP3, AIFF, WAV and AAC formats. It is not compatible with snd, QuickTime, MP2, MP1, WAV with compression, WMA and WMA protected f... Read More »

How to Get MP3s From a Computer Onto an iPhone or iPod?

An iPod is a personal MP3 player on which you can store music, movies and photos. An iPhone has the same functionality as an iPod touch, with the addition of the capability to make and receive phon... Read More »