How do you put infest into a sentence?

Answer i was in an infest matter, when my best friend wanted to fight me

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What does infest mean?

Infest means = to be in a place or site in large numbers normally to cause damage or disease.

Can termites infest carpet?

Yes, termites can infest carpet. Although they prefer wood, termites also make their homes in cellulose-based materials such as books, photographs and many types of fibers including carpet. By the ... Read More »

Parasites or Insects That Infest Conifers?

Conifers are often infested with insects that can damage the health and appearance of the tree. Insects are especially problematic in conifers with commercial value, such as those being used for Ch... Read More »

Can termites infest bamboo hardwood floors?

Bamboo floors are resistant to termite infestation because the starch and sugar in the bamboo is removed by boiling after the plant is harvested. This process makes bamboo flooring less likely to a... Read More »