How do you put iPod games on your iPod without syncing it?

Answer That is impossible. You cannot put anything on an ipod without syncing it. The definition of syncing is "combining."Whoever gave this answer obviously doesn't know much about iPods. The songs are i... Read More »

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When you replace a lost iPod with a new one will you have trouble syncing your iTunes to the new iPod?

Why isn't your iPod syncing?

Answer Music. Podcasts, Videos, games, etc. Whatever you put in your iTunes library, that is what gets synced onto your iPod!!!!!!!!! :)Well you see my ipod says unreconized so thats it♥

How do stop your iPod from syncing automatically?

Answer Assuming you are using iTunes: view the properties of the connected iPod. There should be a setting related to automatic syncing. Select manual.

Can you put iPod games on your cloned iPod Nano from itunes?

Nope. Sorry you can't. Good luck trying though. ^_^|| well, u can but most games are for ipads and itouch I haven't found any yet. so sad. i need new games! tell me if u find some!!!