How do you put i tunes on your iphone4?

Answer Well it never lets me download songs off of the ITunes on my computer but there should already be an ICON on your IPhone4's home page

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Can i transfer music from i-tunes on one computer to i-tunes on another computer?

Yes, you can transfer music from iTunes on one computer to iTunes on another computer. If the computers are on the same network at home or work, you can do so without using any other software or ha... Read More »

Are GH Tunes Free?

GH Tunes, a feature of Guitar Hero World Tour, allows players to download and upload songs for free. GH Tunes permits users to upload up to five songs per account. If these uploaded songs are rated... Read More »

How to Use Swap Tunes?

With so many devices that have so much of our lives contained on them, keeping data we use constantly such as our music libraries synched and up to date can be a problem. iPhone has addressed this ... Read More »

How to Sort Tunes With iTunes 8.0.1?

There are two basic ways to sort your tunes with iTunes 8.0.1: by name and using a playlist. Sorting by name orders your tunes alphabetically by song, artist, album, genre or other characteristic.... Read More »