How can I grab data dvds hd dvds video dvds into a blank dvdv disc?

Answer You can use DVD Copier

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How do I rip DVDs to iPod Mac?

Digital Video FilesThe way people consume media has changed as technology has changed. It is now possible to watch your movies not just on your DVD player in the living room, but on your hand-held ... Read More »

How can I 'rip' DVDs so that I can use them on my iPod?

you dont need to download anything just use windows media player to rip it to your pc then sinc it to your i-pod it should work.

How do I put DVDs on an iPod using a Mac computer?

Use Simple TechniquesApple iTunes is not capable of ripping DVD movies directly to an iPod, however, the end result is still attainable by combining a couple of simple techniques.Insert DVDDownload... Read More »

How to Put DVDs on My iPod Using iTunes?

The Handbrake application, which can be downloaded for free, is a powerful video conversion tool that is compatible with both Mac and PC computers. Once you have Handbrake installed on your system,... Read More »