How do you put an iPad 2 case on craigslist?

Answer If your chatting with another iPad, IPod or iPhone user that has a camera on that device you can use FaceTime for this. Other apps to use are Skype and Tango if you want to chat with someone that i... Read More »

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Will a rubber case and a smart case for ipad 2 fit onto the ipad 2 at the same time?

Did i buy a stolen ipad off craigslist?

Something about this doesn't click. First is, why would he offer you a free camera ? Does he feel guilty about something? Or does he want to keep you as a customer, so that's his way of persuasion.... Read More »

What is the best case for iPad 2?

Some people think that the iPad Smart Cover is the best case for the iPad but, in my opinion, I like the more durable cases like the Otterbox Defender cases.

Will an iPad 2 case fit iPad 3?

Most cases, except for the hard clamshell type snap-cases will fit both the 2 gen and 3 gen iPad.