How do you put a picture from facebook into a question?

Answer You put the link to your Facebook picture in your question, there is no way to put actual pics up on Y!A

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When i share a picture from instagram to facebook it posts it as a tiny link instead of the picture?

Ehh just save the image and post it to Facebook yourself. Simple. ;-/

How to do i set a picture to my profile picture on facebook...WITHOUT having to crop it into a smaller iamge?

you HAVE TO crop it into a square - there is no way around it

Is your profile picture (on facebook) the most "attractive" picture of you, or is it...?

I usually have a silly face or am doing something random. That represents who I am. I like to have fun and be the funny one. But I don't have those weird "myspace" poses. So cliche, and, your right... Read More »

Help~! please! Picture day question?

Dont wear sunscreen, the lighting of the camera will make your face look very, very white.Do not apply anything that has SPF in them, you will regret it :)Even if the photos are in high quality, it... Read More »