How do you put a picture background in for microsoft word 2007?

Answer go to "page layout" and under "page background", click page color. go to fill effects. click on where it says picture and you can browse for the picture you want. It says "select picture"

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How can you put one picture on top of another in Microsoft Office Word 2007?

Use tables to do so. Insert those pictures in the tables. I saw this answer in the tip by Office Assistant.

How do I convert Microsoft Works Word docs to a Microsoft Office 2007 Word?

Select Works 6.0-9.0Click the "Microsoft Office Button" that is located in Microsoft Office Word 2007. Click "Open." The "Open" box will pop up. In the "Files of Type" list, located at the bottom o... Read More »

How do you make a scanned picture on Microsoft word to a real picture that you can put it as your picture on?

ok .. it can be done .. there is different ways .. dippending on the setuation u have .. try this : - right click on the pic in the word file > copy - then go to any folder on the your computer ... Read More »

How do you put a picture from internet as a background on microsoft powerpoint?

This is quite easy, the others have said how you can insert the image into the background, but if you're playing around with objects, it doesn't work as you'd accidently click on the background, so... Read More »