How do you put a fishing line on a baitcast reel?

Answer A baitcast reel is a very common, popular style of reel in which the spool of fishing line faces the tip of the reel, so that when it is unwound it unwinds away from the caster. This allows the fis... Read More »

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How to Cast an Advantage Baitcast Fishing Reel?

Advantage baitcasting fishing reels are manufactured by Daiwa for medium-duty freshwater fishing. The reel is favored by bass anglers who often fish from a boat, since the reel is known for its pre... Read More »

How to Add Line to a Fishing Reel?

if you want to go fishing but your line is bad then look down.

How do I put a new fishing line on a reel?

Spooling InstructionsLoosen the fishing line from the spool on which it is spun. Tie the tag end of the line to the spinning barrel, which is located near the handle. Spin the fishing line onto the... Read More »

How do I tie line to a fishing reel?

Create a loop with your line around your fishing reel. Allow 6 inches of fishing line to overlap the original or main line. This will be called the tag.Loop the tag over the main line three times. ... Read More »