How do you pull a vacuum?

Answer Answer Off the top of my head without any more information, I would say there is a space heater plugged in on the same circuit. Or possibly a microwave.

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How to Pull a Vacuum on a Car A/C?

It's important to make sure all the non-condensable gases, like oxygen, are removed from an air-conditioning system before adding refrigerant (freon). The only way to make sure the air conditioner ... Read More »

How do you pull roller out of G5 vacuum cleaner?

You should buy another one, because what if you're trying to fix it but something goes wrong, so.....BUY ONE!

What is the minimum vacuum pressure a vacuum pump should have for a vacuum bag repair?

Answer yesThis answer is not correct. Please note accompanying discussion and the associated hyperlink to a science fair study. Dea. Steve Johnson

You cosigned on a Rainbow vacuum for your mom and she gave the vacuum away as a gift and now she has past away can you go after the person she gave the vacuum to?