How do you prune hyacinth?

Answer There usually is no need to prune hyacinths. Once the bloom is faded, the stalk can be cut at ground level. Leave the foliage intact to "feed" the bulbs for next year's bloom.

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Why is my hyacinth plant still living after you gave it salt water Why are my other three hyacinth plants still living after I gave them water soda and milk?

a single dose wont kill them, if you continue to do it the saltwater plant will die, the milk watered plant will get sick and the soda water one will be fine

What Is a Hyacinth Bean?

The hyacinth bean (Dolichos lablab) is an attractive vine that climbs around posts or pillars and twines around trellises and fences to add natural color to the landscape. Also called Chinese flowe... Read More »

What does a water hyacinth look like?

Water Hyacinth is a floating water plant, green to slightly grey-green leaves. Flowers are pale shades of blue. Plants are used in may parts of the world for making rope and furniture.The plants ar... Read More »

How to Replant Hyacinth Bulbs?

It is occasionally necessary to dig up and replant hyacinth bulbs. One of the most common reasons hyacinth is dug and replanted is so that the bulb can be divided for propagation. Other reasons to ... Read More »