How do you prune a medlar tree?

Answer Pruning a medlar is not essential as it is with other fruiting trees. You can thin branches to let more light into the center of the tree and remove dead wood, but that is generally all that is nee... Read More »

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How and when do you prune a prunus padus tree commonly known as a bird cherry tree.?

When to prune a fig tree?

Prune fig trees immediately after harvesting the main crop of fruits. If the fig tree is a late-producing cultivar, prune half the tree in the summer and prune the other half the following summer. ... Read More »

How to Prune a Tree?

The look and health of most trees in your garden can be improved by regular pruning. Pruning also increased the safety of your garden by eliminating branches that could fall and cause injury or pro... Read More »

How to Prune a Peach Tree?

Knowing how to prune a peach tree properly is essential to the plant's growth. The main purpose for pruning is to ensure the tree can maximize the light penetration and air circulation needed to pr... Read More »