How do you provide WiFi to a condominium complex?

Answer Answer u set u lil terminals either hidden in every room or u have a larger hub mounted in the hall on every floor.this is for the best connection u can place them outside each room or by floor bu... Read More »

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Do you need to be a contractor to maintain a condominium complex of 32 units?

Typically, the association's board is interested in working with a vendor who is licensed, bonded and insured. Experience as a contractor can equip the vendor with the knowledge and expertise to ef... Read More »

What legal steps must be taken for a condominium complex to become age restricted?

About 20 years ago, it was decided that age restricted communities were not legal. They (the supreme court, I believe) made a decision that this was age discrimination. Another answer: Seek the adv... Read More »

Is a pool at a condominium complex considered public or private?

Can a private purchased home be part of a condominium complex?

Not usually. Since all condominium owners potentially own the land and the exterior of the buildings (and more) in common, a private home and its grounds wouldn't fit within that definition. Howev... Read More »