What do you thank about the word that Acai Berries are a Scam?

Answer Someone in Canada tried to peddle this stuff to me in a pyramid scam years ago. 'Glad to see someone is now getting their act together.Nancy has to be kidding, or was sucked into the SCAM

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What are the benefits of Acai berries or Acai juices?

* Fight cancer cells organs * Desintoxica and clean colon * Support for the immune system to fight disease * It regulates heart * Prevents and protects against atherosclerosis * It promotes an... Read More »

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What is acai pure?

Acai Pure is a dietary supplement marketed for the purpose of benefiting health through weight loss and detoxification. Acai Pure is sold in a capsule form, and mixes the ingredients acai berry, gi... Read More »

What is acai extract?

Acai extract is made from the berry of the acai palm. It is traditionally harvested as food by natives in the Amazon region of Brazil. The acai berry and it's extract have been marketed as a dietar... Read More »