How to Eat Nutella?

Answer Nutella is a chocolate-hazelnut spread which tastes great! Are you looking for another way to eat this delicious spread other than with a spoon? Keep on reading to find out various ways to eat Nute... Read More »

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My 5 ton Nutella Problem?

I think it wouldn't be too wise of an idea ( the pool- filling one) if the Nutella warms with your body heat it could get soft and retain a quicksand-like substance. Maybe stick with your other ide... Read More »

Should I try nutella?

Yes - but it's best done slathered on a crepe bought from a seller while walking along the Seine in Paris. Yum.

How to Make Vegan Nutella?

Nutella is a popular hazelnut chocolate spread, used from a basic bread spread to an ingredient in desserts. The manufacturer version of the spread does contain sugar and milk, however, it's very e... Read More »