How do you say "gyro"?

Answer Yee-Row, not Jy-row or Guy-row

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How do you fox a gyro in an iPhone 4S?

Yes. there is just a slight shift in location of the vibrator hole, but the switch can still be reached and this only occurs with AT&T iPhone 4 cases.

How to Throw a Gyro Curve?

A baseball.The gyro curve is an alternative pitch for the gyro ball. The gyro curve is unhitable if thrown right.

How is gyro meat made?

Gyro meat is a Greek-American sandwich meat that originated in the 1970s. Gyros are made of ground meat trimmings and seasonings that are pressed onto a rotating spit for cooking. The word "gyro" i... Read More »

How to Make a Greek Gyro?

Gyros are those types of sandwiches that you will find at a Greek restaurant and many other places. They are made using pita pockets (flatbread) and are delicious.