How do you programme a dish network smart card?

Answer You cannot. You need to call Dish Network and they will help you.

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How to Install a Dish Network Smart Card?

The Dish Network Smart Card is a small device that is shaped similar to a credit card. This card contains a small microprocessor, very similar to what is contained in a credit card, that stores all... Read More »

What does it mean if you have dish network and the TV says your smart card does not have authorization to view or purchase this channel?

At this point, if your talking about your computer, you can't. But if your talking about an external hard drive hooked up to the box, you can. In your list of recorded programs, go to external devi... Read More »

What are the smart cards used for on dish network?

When the Smart Card and receiver are successfully "married," the receiver will only display the authorized programming. Therefore the overall purpose of the smartcard is to authorize the receiver t... Read More »

Do you have to have a credit card to have dish network?

DISH Network does have Plans & Offers that do not require a credit card such as our "Activation Plan." It is a New Customer Purchase offer and can be explained as, Cash & Carry which means it doesn... Read More »