How do you program your charter cable remote to work with a plasma tv?

Answer The original full price for the RCA STAV-3880 was $299.99, often on sale for $249.99

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How do i program charter cable remote to work rca tv?

How do you program a charter cable remote to work?

You know, all TV's have a set of manual buttons on them somewhere. Try looking under the little door on the front if you don't see any. Find the user's menu and rescan the TV or just use the chan... Read More »

How can you program your new charter digital cable remote universal to your magnavox msd125 DVD player?

Sometimes the remote just won't respond, and I have to turn the POWER on at the tv set. Then I often spin them, tap the remote LIGHTLY on my desk, and voila they do last a little longer.Another tip... Read More »

How do I program a Cox Digital Cable remote to work with my TV?

You are going to have to program the remote. If you have the booklet it would help a lot. If not then i will try to walk you through the quick way to do it. Press tv - one flashHold setup top lef... Read More »