How do you program the canon p23-dhv?

Answer is it under warenty ?? was it water damage or droped ??? let us know a little moreset the camera to the infinity setting the sideways 8

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I have a canon ae-1 program camera, i want to buy a digital canon but can i still use my lense on the digital?

No. You have FD lenses, which are not compatible with Canon's current EF mount.In the mid-80s Canon changed their mount from FD to EF for their autofocus cameras. At that time, I owned a Canon SLR,... Read More »

How do you program the tax button on a canon P23-DH lll?

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What is value of Canon AE1 Program camera?

The AE1 was a very popular camera when it came on the market in the early 80's. That means that there are many for sale today, now that point-and-click digital cameras have flooded the market. Sinc... Read More »

What is a good price for a Canon AE-1 Program?

NOT a good price. You would need a lens and for under $100, you can find a Canon EOS 35 mm camera that takes current Canon EF lenses. The Canon AE-1 is part of an obsolete camera system