How do you program a hrmc-15 remote to a samsung tv?

Answer on the back its a really little button. get like a toothpick or something small to press it and it will reset it this might work. if it does let me know

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How do you program a hrmc-15 remote to a sanyo tv?

Press TV, it should light up. Release and press (SELECT & MUTE) and hold for 1 to 2 seconds. Release both buttons and the TV button should remain lit. Enter 008 first and if needed for the 2nd try... Read More »

How to Program a Samsung TV to a Sony Remote?

Although Sony remote controls are designed to function with Sony products, it is possible to program a different television into the Sony TV remote, including a Samsung television. The process only... Read More »

How do you program Samsung remote for Sony TV?

To program my Samsung Bluray remote for my Sony TV I had to turn on the TV then hold down the "TV Power" button on the remote and enter the numbers 35 while still holding down the "TV Power" button... Read More »

How do I program my samsung DVD remote to operate my magnavox tv?

See here: codes for your brand from all three lists; I had to use one from way down even... Read More »