How do you program RCR197DA1 remote to work?

Answer To get the rated capacity, limit the discharge rate to 0.25C

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Bought a coby tv and it's not on the list to program to the remote Does anyone know who makes coby or how to get your tv to work with the Direct TV remote?

AnswerCodes are remote control specific. Use your remote control manual (or your cable company guide) to find the code for your brand tv. If there is no code for your tv alot of times another manuf... Read More »

How do you program a Myrio remote to work with your TV?

Myrio Remote Setup1. Press a device key once.2. Press and hold SETUP until the red LED blinks twice, thenrelease.3. Enter 9 9 1, then the device group number (see tablebelow). The LED blinks twice.... Read More »

How do you program your dish network remote to work LG tv?

To program your remote to the TV, just follow the steps below! I have also listed some of our most used codes for LG Addressing Remote to TV: 1.) Press and hold the clear TV button until all mode... Read More »

How do I program a Cox Digital Cable remote to work with my TV?

You are going to have to program the remote. If you have the booklet it would help a lot. If not then i will try to walk you through the quick way to do it. Press tv - one flashHold setup top lef... Read More »