How do you print on the right on BBC basic?

Answer Matt Smith

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When I try to print e-mails the right side get cut off. It used to print just fine. What is the problem?

For emails or general web pages, one way is to highlight the area of print you want printed, Right click on the highlighted area, or go to menu bar at top and select “File”, then click on “P... Read More »

How do I print into a labels caption in Visual Basic 6.0?

Add a Label to a FormCreate a new project by selecting "Standard EXE" from the list of templates in the first screen that appears when Visual Basic loads. Add a "Label" from the "ToolBox" on the le... Read More »

How to Right-Align a Text List in a Visual Basic Message Box?

By default, the MsgBox function in Visual Basic requires only the message or prompt parameter. However, a second parameter is available that lets you use the MsgBoxStyle enumeration to customize th... Read More »

How to Wear the Right Print Spring Shorts?

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