How do you price your product for a cotton candy vending business?

Answer If you have recently started your own cotton candy vending business, one of the first things you will need to do is determine what price you will charge for your product. The research you will need... Read More »

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Im 55 years old am i too old to eat cotton candy I love cotton candy...?

No. The only reason that you couldn't eat cotton candy anymore was if you had a health problems (like diabetes) and you couldn't eat lots of sugar (which cotton candy is made of). Apart from that... Read More »

How to Price Your Product?

As you know, there are many ways to price a product. Different policies and strategies work in various situations.

How to Price Your Product at a Farmers' Market?

According people with knowledge about current food markets, the small local venues known as farmers' markets are quickly taking off � these local markets are providing fresh foods for many shoppe... Read More »

How to Do a Cotton Candy Hairstyle?

The process of teasing your hair will fluff it up to make an assortment of hairstyles. If you tease your hair completely, you can achieve an interesting hairstyle much like cotton candy. The proces... Read More »