My husband gets cyst-like HUGE zits on his inner thighs What is causing these How to prevent them?

Answer sounds like it is likely a staph type of infectious process, I'd bet if he went to his doctor, he could get a month long course of antibiotic to cut down on the staph that is getting under his skin... Read More »

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How do you get rid of zits lol?

get pregnant and your face might magically clear up! i hope your not very young if so disregard my answer & buy proactive,

OMG! How do I get rid of these zits?

Try Proactive Solution....if not make an appointment with a dermatologist and seek prescription medication.

Why is it bad to pop zits?

It is not really bad- when I get my facials she does it for me- first start out with clean skin and make sure that your pores are open- have also clean hands take a clean needle and scrape the zit... Read More »

About Zits?

Nobody likes a zit. Even its name is ugly. And the little, ugly blemishes have a way of popping up just in time for a big day, like graduation or a wedding. For such a little blemish, zits certainl... Read More »