How do you prevent nightmares from using the nicotine patch?

Answer You wear the patch all day but take it off before you go to bed. This may leave you vulnerable to morning cravings however.

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(stopping smoking) it okay to use a nicotine inhaler while wearing a nicotine patch?

NO!! You should never use two nicotine suppliers at one time. If you read the directions on the Patch box, it will tell you to never have a ciggie while you have a patch on or chew a piece of nic... Read More »

Is the Nicotine Patch or Gum Better for Women?

Dogs---being perpetual 3-year-olds---love treats as much as kids. These biscuits are a quick and healthy treat for canines. Store-bought treats are expensive and in most cases unhealthy, contributi... Read More »

Is it safe to use a nicotine patch during pregnancy?

%REPLIES%%DETAILS% Answer Reseachers have concluded that the patch is safe during pregnancy. A study has found that patches are less dangerous than smoking for a baby's health. I'm not certain if a... Read More »

How long after using the nicotine patch is it safe to get pregnant?

%DETAILS% Answer I remember something like waiting at least a month or two before trying to have a baby, but you should call your doctor to make sure.