How do you prevent black clothes from fading?

Answer It's likely too late for the garments you already have but when I get a new piece of clothing in an intense color, I first wash it on its own with cold water and vinegar (no soap). The vinegar see... Read More »

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How can i prevent my clothes from fading so much after 2-3 washes they're already losing a lot of their color?

Use a better detergent (like Tide) and cold water. Keep turning them inside out and hanging to dry will help, too.

How can you stop black clothes fading in the wash?

How to Keep Colored Clothes From Fading?

Although the "faded" look may be cool for some clothing when it's purposefully done, it can be quite frustrating when your good clothing becomes faded, and not by choice. Even though you cannot re... Read More »

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