How do you prevent a communication error on your canon sd750?

Answer About 6-8 photos.

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Can you use 8GB card in Canon SD750?

Maximum of 4GB only. If you use 8GB, possible might work but it will not function properly or it will not work at all. I also included links regarding the specification of the unit and prices for a... Read More »

Is the Canon SD950 or SD750 the better camera?

Best Between Canon SD950 and SD750 Canon SD950 is really better than Canon SD750 ;)

What memory card should you use with a Canon PowerShot SD750?

It just takes a regular SD memory card, but if you buy it at compUSA the memory card usuall comes with it, and if you want bigger mg you can just show the people at the place that you buy the card ... Read More »

If you take the memory card out of a Canon Powershot SD750....?

The pictures you take on a memory card stay on the memory card whether it is in the camera or out of the camera until you reformat the card using the camera. When you've done that all the images a... Read More »