How do you prevent a cat from pooping in your garden?

Answer We had the same problem so I read a gardening book and came up with a solution.It said to put 2 cups of vinegar in a jar. Add a few garlic cloves. Crush them a bit to release the odor. Next add som... Read More »

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How to Prevent Cats from Pooping in the Garden?

Cats tend to use gardens as their personal outdoor litter boxes. If you have neighborhood cats, or even your own, who use your garden as a litter box, there are some things you can do to discourage... Read More »

How to Discourage Dogs from Pooping in Your Garden?

If your lawn or garden seem to always be the toilet target of neighborhood dogs (and their rather unobservant owners), it's likely that you're looking for good solutions to a nasty doggy habit. Thi... Read More »

Does washing ur butt hole after pooping affect ur pooping later?

No, not at all. What is affecting your pooping later isn't related to the fact that you wash ur butt hole. It is in fact the most sanitary method of cleaning ur butt hole.

How to Prevent Theft from a Community Garden?

If you didn't put in the effort to grow it, then no, it's not yours free.Unfortunately, hard times lead some people to do things that harm the community efforts around them. And one area targeted i... Read More »