How do you press charges for child abandonment?

Answer Inquire at the local district attorney's office.

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How do you file child abandonment charges on a noncustodial father who pays child support but wants nothing to do with the child?

AnswerI don't think you can , How can a father who does not have custody over the child , abandon it?added: he's not really abandoning the child if he's paying support.

How do you file child abandonment charges on a parent who left 2 year old with friend?

There is no legal bar, but it is unlikely that any public adoption agency would support your application. Many 18 year old people are unable to care for themselves so without some very special cir... Read More »

Can you file for custody of your grandson without a lawyer and what if any are the procedures for filing child abandonment charges?

Answer this you can do by your self, go to the court house and file for custody of the child and then go to a lawyer, your'll need them then. Answer The procedure is to file for guardianship of a m... Read More »

How do you press charges against child abuser?

Take your proof to your local police department ASAP