How do you prepare less expensive cuts of meat in a fast and easy way?

Answer I try my best with my cooking what ever my family wants for dinner I make I try to be creative with my cooking.

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How to do Easy & Fast Hairstyles in less than 5 minutes?

Put down the hair products. Step away from the curling iron, flat iron and hairdryer. It is possible to have stylish and beautiful hair without spending hours in front of the mirror. There are many... Read More »

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If you have Medicare Part A B what are the benefits of having a more expensive secondary insurance over a less expensive supplemental or medigap insurance?

Answer I'm not sure what you mean by a "secondary" insurance.

Can tough cuts of meat be tenderized by long cooking times?

The best way to tenderize tough cuts of meat is to cook it for long periods in liquid. Stewing and braising are two good ways. Pot roasts and beef stew, for example, spend hours in the oven, and co... Read More »